Hanging Fuschia with Hummingbird Visitor

The front porch looked a little bare, even after we put out some chairs, so I went looking for a hanging plant. I bought one of those fuchias – it has a lot of flowers and it droops nicely from the hanger. Very colorful too, with dark green leaves and those splashy hot pink and purple flowers. Having lived in the city my whole life, I had no idea that hummingbirds like these things. In the early evening, the hummingbird zooms over and, with his little needlenose, samples each flower and then zooms away. You can even hear him go by through the open window. He hums. Probably that’s where his name comes from. He’s very difficult to photograph – he moves so fast, but Bob and Claire got some pictures.


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One response to “Hanging Fuschia with Hummingbird Visitor

  1. You know, of course, why hummingbirds hum, right?

    It’s because they don’t know the words.


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