It’s That Time Again…

The nights are getting cooler – last week we had a low one day of 31°f. It’s time for Penny and Odysseus to migrate indoors for the winter. Their move went relatively peacefully this year – no quarrelling about who gets which dining-room window or any of the usual upsets.

Here are a couple of pictures of Penny and Odysseus catching up on some of their favorite indoor activities. Penny, of course, is a competition-class dogback rider and likes to spend the winter keeping her riding skills honed (although Bella isn’t always a willing mount). Odysseus is quite the writer. Here he is catching up on his e-mail and blogging. I wish I could share some of his literary work with you, but unfortunately, he eschews English and writes most of his pieces in Belarusian, Ukrainian and Russian using the Cyrillic alphabet. (This is so annoying because he frequently forgets to put my keyboard back to qwerty when he finishes!)



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2 responses to “It’s That Time Again…

  1. lol! all these languages are available? I hope my cats do not get the trick on how to do that on my keyboard 🙂

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    • Ann

      I’m sure you don’t have to worry. When my cat uses the computer, all I have to do afterwards is turn off the caps lock and vacuum fur out of the keyboard. Cats seem to disdain technology unless it produces heat.

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