Books, Books and More Books

Whew! I just finished cataloging all my books. 906. I would never even have attempted this without some excellent collection management software I found in the Ubuntu Software Center. It’s called Tellico and it makes cataloging things like books, music and movies a snap. For every book with an ISBN, I typed in the number and it goes out to any of several different online book databases and retrieves information about the book: the title, author, publication info, even a picture of the book cover. This had the added benefit of helping me locate quite a few duplicates which I packed up and took over to the Friends of the Library bookshop. (Why do so many Agatha Christie books have two different titles?)

I found two collection packages that did the online lookup and retrieval; the other is called GCStar, but I settled on Tellico beccause it allows you to add additional fields to the database which I found kind of handy. I’m wondering if I want to start in on the movies now. Maybe it will be easier; I don’t think we have more than a couple hundred.

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  1. Nice post. I use iBookshelf from iTunes on my phone. It will scan the ISBN and look up the book’s info on a couple of databases. Then you can upload the files to excell from there. It’s not a perfect app but makes it easy. I have over 500 in my library. I’ll have a look at the software you mentioned.


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