My New Solar-Powered Dryer

Bob is so awesome! In addition to cutting down on kilowatt hours, it saves on Ann-o-watt hours too: I don’t have to carry a basketload of wet laundry downstairs and outside – I just reach out the laundry room window and hang stuff up.



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2 responses to “My New Solar-Powered Dryer

  1. I love the smell of clothing and bedding (especially the bedding!) that has been dried the old-fashioned way. There’s nothing like climbing into bed with a scent so fresh that there is no way it can come from a dryer sheet. Thanks for stopping by my site.


    • Ann

      Yes! I’d forgotten that sunshine fragrance until I pulled my nightshirt over my head last night. It will be a little more work, but the payback is delightful. I’m enjoying your gardening blog. It inspires me to go out and get my fingernails dirty.


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