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Weather Forecast: OMG! (…or should that be WTF??)

Forecast from KNCROSMA5 on

On Monday the temperature hit 87.8 around 2:30PM and everybody turned on their air conditioners. An 8-hour power outage was the result. I’m guessing we’ll have a repeat on Friday if that “106°” isn’t a typo.



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A Beautiful Day for a Slither

Chaperoned by Bella, Rocky and Maggie go for a walk slither on the front porch.


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I want to be a cat in my next life.


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Hummingbird Hiatus is Over!

Bob got a package of that “just add water” hummingbird food and we tried it for a week. Not a single hummingbird went near it, so we’re back to the sugar + water recipe and they’re back in full force. They took out almost 8 ounces of it in three days.

This is a female ruby-throated hummingbird. She’s been hogging the feeder all afternoon, chasing off the male I wanted to get a picture of. He’s a lot more colourful with his iridescent green head and red throat.

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