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Fall Has Fallen…

The last few leaves...

…and the forecast for tonight has that “S” word in it.


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Brevard Halloweenfest Photos

I took a lot of photos, but this one seems to capture the essence of a rural American small-town street festival:

Brevard Halloweenfest - Kids on toy John Deeres

John Deere Bumper Cars?

Then there were a lot of people that dressed up their dogs…

Costumed dogs

Quite a few adults wore costumes – and not just those with kids. These guys were obviously kid-free. I mean, can you imagine trying to construct something like this with a kid in the house? These looked to be made from painted cardboard.

Every local politician and political party had a vendor “booth” and I discovered an unanticipated benefit to voting early: I could blow off all these campaigners with a dismissive wave and “I already voted – save your breath and your brochures.”

Then there was the Master Gardeners display on Main Street, my personal favorite:

Brevard Halloweenfest - Master Gardeners

A typical “Master Gardener”

The full effect of this cannot be captured by a still photo and it didn’t occur to me that my camera has a video feature (with audio) until I got home and unloaded this particular photo. The tree shook and the Master Gardener was absolutely into her role. Look at those boots! I need a pair of those. I always thought gardeners (especially herb gardeners) were quiet, contemplative people, but this lady killed that image for me. From now on when I think “herb gardener”, I will see a purple-haired, purple-sequined lady in psychedelic cowboy boots boogeying to something like “Heard It Through the Grape Vine” repotting the tarragon in the potting shed.


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Halloween Sewing Marathon, Part III

“Sewing” is a little misleading; I think the only sewing on this thing is the seam up the back of the black fabric making it into a cone shape. The rest was staples and glue. I’m still peeling Amazing Goop off my fingers. So this is the new wizard hat Bob wanted me to make for him…

Bob's Halloween Wizard Hat

…and here is Bob [not] wearing his new hat at the Brevard Halloweenfest:

Bob at Halloweenfest

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Odysseus Checks Out the Sewing Project

Odysseus and Sewing Machine

Now that the weather is cooler, Penelope and Odysseus have moved indoors to their sunny spot by the dining room windows. Odie, being the more active and curious of the two, is likely to turn up anywhere. Suddenly. Here he has just leapt off the back of a chair onto the table, scattering thread spools and fabric scraps. I can’t tell if he wants his own Halloween costume or if he’s just hoping I might happen to have a grape hidden in the clutter.

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October Sewing Marathon, Part II

Halloween Witch Skirt

Halloween Witch Skirt

Here’s the witch skirt I made this year for my own costume. Bob did some pruning this week, so I was also able to accessorize:

Witch broom

My Transportation

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October, the Month of Marathon Sewing (Halloween Costumes)

Halloween Dress

Claire’s Halloween costume

So this year, Claire and I worked together on her dress. She did most of the piecing and I sewed (I got the boring part). She’s going to be a dragon, so she used mostly shiny fabrics in red and black to suggest dragon scales. She found the wings at a Halloween store in Asheville and we ordered some horns from Amazon which will hopefully be here by next weekend. I want to make a capelet from some black fake fur I have kicking around since we’re getting some chilly weather these days, and some arm-warmers will also help to alleviate that ancient parental worry about pneumonia. Fortunately, arm-warmers are de rigueur these days for correct teenage cool-weather fashion.

The dragon idea is wonderfully fitting; the dragon-lady part of Claire’s personality was so apparent as we worked together on this costume.

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Woolly Worm Winter Weather Prediction

Woolly Worm

Woolly worm (Pyrrharctia isabella caterpillar)

We didn’t get up to the Woolly Worm Festival in Banner Elk this year, but a local woolly worm dropped by this afternoon to provide the winter weather outlook. It appears that there will be near-normal temperatures with a week or two of very cold weather, probably in mid-January. Snowfall will be limited to a few dustings – well below average.

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