Brevard Halloweenfest Photos

I took a lot of photos, but this one seems to capture the essence of a rural American small-town street festival:

Brevard Halloweenfest - Kids on toy John Deeres

John Deere Bumper Cars?

Then there were a lot of people that dressed up their dogs…

Costumed dogs

Quite a few adults wore costumes – and not just those with kids. These guys were obviously kid-free. I mean, can you imagine trying to construct something like this with a kid in the house? These looked to be made from painted cardboard.

Every local politician and political party had a vendor “booth” and I discovered an unanticipated benefit to voting early: I could blow off all these campaigners with a dismissive wave and “I already voted – save your breath and your brochures.”

Then there was the Master Gardeners display on Main Street, my personal favorite:

Brevard Halloweenfest - Master Gardeners

A typical “Master Gardener”

The full effect of this cannot be captured by a still photo and it didn’t occur to me that my camera has a video feature (with audio) until I got home and unloaded this particular photo. The tree shook and the Master Gardener was absolutely into her role. Look at those boots! I need a pair of those. I always thought gardeners (especially herb gardeners) were quiet, contemplative people, but this lady killed that image for me. From now on when I think “herb gardener”, I will see a purple-haired, purple-sequined lady in psychedelic cowboy boots boogeying to something like “Heard It Through the Grape Vine” repotting the tarragon in the potting shed.



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2 responses to “Brevard Halloweenfest Photos

  1. “Like” isn’t strong enough of a word for how I feel about this post. I live in sprawling suburb, but my mind thinks I live in a small town. Thanks for sharing.


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