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Post-Thanksgiving Lunch

So we’re at the grocery store last Wednesday and the turkeys are 78ยข a pound. Moderation kind of blew out the window as we struggled to dump a 23-pounder into the cart.

By now, I am running out of things to do with turkey leftovers. Yesterday we had a turkey pot-pie and today for lunch, turkey salad sandwiches on fresh-out-of-the-oven whole wheat bread. The bread is delicious and helps de-monotonify the turkey.

There’s still four or five pounds of turkey in the refrigerator. Turkey ala king is an option, or maybe turkey alfredo. And then there’s the old standby: turkey dog food.


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More Bread!

Loaf of Bread
This turned out pretty good! I added garlic, rosemary, basil and a little oregano, so it has a subtle Italian flavor. This is just too easy.

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I Made Bread!


Writer Dana Stabenow posted a recipe for bread that doesn’t require any rigourous exercise. Instead of “kneading” and “punching”, you “stir” and “gently fold”. This is a crusty, delicious loaf of bread with plenty of big holes for butter to melt into. Mine wasn’t as pretty as the one in Ms. Stabenow’s blog post since I had to substitute the Dutch oven with a squarish glass casserole dish, but it sure is tasty – especially right out of the oven with a lot of butter!

I think I will try it again and substitute some of the flour with rye flour and throw in some caraway seeds.


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