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Polydactyl Green Zombie

…Well, that’s what Claire thought it looked like when she took this picture.


It’s actually a befuddled iris. The first half of January was springlike and balmy with lots of rain, coaxing the daffodils and iris into their spring behavior.


Winter seems to have returned, with cold nights and that “S” word in the forecast. The daffs got this same treatment last year and seemed to take it in stride, but this could be the killing blow for the iris. They were in one big clump near the shed and got almost no sunlight all day, so last year we broke up the clump and planted the smaller clumps on a sunny South-facing bank. Where they were promptly weed-wacked. Now even Mother Nature is turning against them.


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The Houseguest


When the cold snap hit a couple of weeks ago, Bob moved his project into the guest room. Even in the indoor warmth, work is going slowly and parts have to be ordered (and waited for).

Today it’s partly cloudy and in the high 60s and Bob’s jonesing pretty badly. To make things worse, every fifteen minutes or so, a bike goes by on the highway coming up that fabulous twisty road from Pickens. It’s hard enough living in Motorcycle Heaven with no bike, but to have one in the spare room in basket-case condition on a fine day for a ride is pure hell.

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