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The sunrise yesterday was so colorful that I scrambled outside in my bathrobe and slippers and ended up with a faded-looking photo with, of course, a power line running right through the middle of it. But the black, leafless tree branches (and power line) contrasted so nicely with the sunrise colors that I had to do something with it….

Kaleidoscoped sunrise

Rose Window by Mother Nature


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Photos from Connecticut

Bob’s sister lives in Connecticut and e-mailed some pictures this morning:



She’s in that swath of central Connecticut that got 30 inches. That same weather system came through here at the end of last week and dumped enough rain to encourage the daylilies to start sprouting (a month early).


The daffodils are about ready to bloom…

Daffodils in early February

…and the wisteria and butterfly bush are greening up.



Crazy weather all over…

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Groundhog Day

Fortunately, Nibbles (the official Asheville groundhog) isn’t an early riser. The morning dawned sunny and cloudless, but by 10:00, the barometer had started to fall and by 2:00, the time of Nibbles’ scheduled appearance, it was completely overcast. Nibbles predicted an early spring.

The barometer continued to fall and we are now having our first measurable snowfall in three years.



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