Groundhog Day

Fortunately, Nibbles (the official Asheville groundhog) isn’t an early riser. The morning dawned sunny and cloudless, but by 10:00, the barometer had started to fall and by 2:00, the time of Nibbles’ scheduled appearance, it was completely overcast. Nibbles predicted an early spring.

The barometer continued to fall and we are now having our first measurable snowfall in three years.




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2 responses to “Groundhog Day

  1. 1st meas snowfall in 3 years? that’s extreme. radical. especially to unsuspecting plants which “thought” spring was near. weave had consistently WEEurd weather out our weigh: e.g., last winter’s near-record dearth of moisture/snow preceded by the winter before: near record “most of” moisture, etc.


  2. Ann

    I can’t say I love snow and cold weather, and it’s almost like an extra tax return being able to get through the winter on half the heating oil we’ve used in years past, but it is rather scary nonetheless. Mother Nature is annoyed with us, I think.


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