Hamburger Buns: Another Kneadless Bread Recipe

We had summer on Saturday and Sunday and it got me thinking about getting out the charcoal grill. Bob gets apple and hickory from a guy up the road to use instead of charcoal and it really turns hot-dogs and hamburgers from kid’s food into something delicious. But those grocery store buns are dreadful and if we want anything else, we have to go into town to the bakery. So I experimented with an easy bread recipe I found online ( 

Hamburger Bun

You make a batch of this bread dough and stick it in the refrigerator so that you can lop off a piece and bake it up whenever you want some fresh-baked bread. I can fit four hamburger-bun-sized dough blobs into my cast iron frying pan (my baking utensil of choice). These things stand up to ketchup, mustard, relish, onions and what-all way better than those limp grocery store buns. I think if I take about the same amount of dough but stretch it out long and skinny, I’ll have a decent Polish sausage/bratwurst bun.


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  1. this is a GREAT idea! i all-too-frequently get the junkfood bugbite, but gourmet buns, now … i think i’ll be dwelling on this the rest of the day.



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