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A Naming Dilemma

Well…. Odysseus appears to have laid an egg.

Iguana Egg

His – oops – her previous owner assured us she was a male. We should probably have have known that the guy didn’t know the first thing about iguanas since he was keeping her in one of those grey plastic bins you get at Wal-Mart that had a tiny hole cut in the top with a piece of screen duct-taped over it. This isn’t an appropriate home for a critter that needs sunlight desperately in order to metabolize calcium.

I’m getting used to “she” and “her” but now we have to come up with a different name and I hope we can figure out something that can be plausibly shortened to “Odie.”

And, too: why hasn’t Penelope ever laid any eggs?



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Looks Like Spring!

Cherry Trees in Spring

View out my front window. I think the two cherry trees are Kwanzans and the green tree to the far left is a Cleveland Pear which blooms white in mid to late March. The cherry trees are so gorgeous right now that I had to go down to the road to get a closer and power-line-free picture:



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Hummingbird Breakfast

I set up my webcam in a window so I could watch the hummers remotely – I didn’t want to frighten them off. So then, of course, I had to scare up some software to record them. I have a window-glare issue to work on which will be kind of challenging – I have no idea what all these adjustment knobs and buttons are for. This is kind of fun, but I’m wishing now that I’d spent a little more than six bucks on the webcam. The resolution is wanting.

This covert video surveillance has possibilities. I could turn the camera several degrees to the East and get some footage of the horses grazing across the road. Turn it to the West, and I can get corn growing.


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Bella Goes Fishing


This particular spot is pretty good if you go very early in the morning on an overcast day. But it’s even better on a sunny Saturday afternoon – especially if you’re not too concerned about catching dinner.


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Ouch! I Fell Off My Soapbox

So the other day, I downloaded a game mod and was mildly surprised to see that it was an .exe file. I double-clicked it even as I was thinking it odd that it wasn’t a .rar or .7z archive full of meshes and textures, and… Surprise!


I’m looking at this apparition thinking about all the times I’ve smugly told people that their best defense against malware is using their heads. Claire pointed at it and laughed – she had got the full lecture about stupidly downloading and running any old thing the last time I had to reinstall Windows on her box so she was really snarky when I got hijacked. She’s right though; I need to pay attention to my own advice. I mean, I knew something was a bit off and I ran the .exe anyway. Dumb.

I’ve gotten a lot less vigilant since I installed Ubuntu Linux a couple of years ago and have been using it for everything except games and one or two other apps that need .net Framework. Linux is inherently more secure and most of the malware in the wild right now targets Windows.

Fortunately the thing was just a garden-variety hijacker and easily removed. It could have been a lot worse.


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Kitchen Mountaineering

With the days getting longer, the iguanas, especially Odysseus, are getting more energetic. Or maybe restless. Odie made a mountaineering expedition to the pots and pans cupboard today, successfully summitting Mt. Soup Pot.

Here’s an action shot as Odie, with crampons on all four feet, successfully climbs the Great Casserole Couloir:

Odie Climbs the Great Casserole Couloir

Here he is taking a breather at Camp 4, just above the almost-vertical Wolfgang Puck Step:


Now for the most dangerous part of the climb! Here is Odie carefully negotiating the treacherous Saucepan Seracs:


And here is Odie at the summit!


(Although his descent involved a small avalanche, Odie is now resting safely at base camp.)


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