Kitchen Mountaineering

With the days getting longer, the iguanas, especially Odysseus, are getting more energetic. Or maybe restless. Odie made a mountaineering expedition to the pots and pans cupboard today, successfully summitting Mt. Soup Pot.

Here’s an action shot as Odie, with crampons on all four feet, successfully climbs the Great Casserole Couloir:

Odie Climbs the Great Casserole Couloir

Here he is taking a breather at Camp 4, just above the almost-vertical Wolfgang Puck Step:


Now for the most dangerous part of the climb! Here is Odie carefully negotiating the treacherous Saucepan Seracs:


And here is Odie at the summit!


(Although his descent involved a small avalanche, Odie is now resting safely at base camp.)



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9 responses to “Kitchen Mountaineering

  1. you (‘n Odie) really should TAGG this with every mountaineering/rock-climbing tag you can think of! HE is quite the beast!


    • Ann

      I did waffle about putting both Odie and Penny in their little red harnesses and leashing them together to get an action shot of Penny belaying him down the icy Mixing Bowl Col, but that would have been cheating, right?


  2. Had to look up crampons, but I get it now. Kept thinking “but I don’t see anything on his feet…”

    That is a beautiful iguana. Quite the beast, as betunada said.


  3. That’s fantastic! In our latitudes we can’t see such wonders!


  4. wow…amazing pics…I would be scared to see something like this in my kitchen though 🙂 Thanks a lot for sharing


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