Hummingbird Breakfast

I set up my webcam in a window so I could watch the hummers remotely – I didn’t want to frighten them off. So then, of course, I had to scare up some software to record them. I have a window-glare issue to work on which will be kind of challenging – I have no idea what all these adjustment knobs and buttons are for. This is kind of fun, but I’m wishing now that I’d spent a little more than six bucks on the webcam. The resolution is wanting.

This covert video surveillance has possibilities. I could turn the camera several degrees to the East and get some footage of the horses grazing across the road. Turn it to the West, and I can get corn growing.



Filed under Department of Parks & Conservation

2 responses to “Hummingbird Breakfast

  1. well, SPPPEEEEEEEEEEEED UP that video of the corn growing, willya? and HURRY UP!


    • Ann

      Gosh. Gimme a minute! I’m just starting to figure out this !#*@! video editor – I’m not to the speed adjustment chapter yet…. I thought I’d experiment on slowing down Mr. Hummer first, since the corn hasn’t sprouted yet.


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