Hummingbird Nightmare: Giant Robin of Death

I’ve been seeing this tiny thumb-sized hummingbird at one of the feeders the last couple of days. He’s been valiantly defending his feeder, chasing off much larger hummers. Today, his lunch was interrupted by a robin and he quickly removed himself to a safer place. The robin was pecking at one of the fake flowers, trying to figure out how to get the sugar-water out of it – I got a picture just as he was ready to give up and fly off, but it was through a curtain, so you can only make out the outline. It was so funny watching this idiot robin trying to eat at a hummingbird feeder.


Claire thought the photo required further elaboration:


Tiny hummer, true to his courageous nature, wasn’t intimidated and has been back several times.



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5 responses to “Hummingbird Nightmare: Giant Robin of Death

  1. Your take is fabulous!
    And the story ,too…..


  2. uh… i was scared to read as your title had “of death”. glad there have been no murders at the feeder, yet …


  3. Relieved to hear that all is well at the feeder!


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