Inuk-Thingy Found in Western North Carolina

Inuk-Thingy in Pisgah National Forest

Inuk-Thingy in Pisgah National Forest

I’ve always thought inuksuit were found only in the Arctic, but I’ve recently learned of several findings in the High Colorawdough Desert and now, lo and behold, I’ve found one here in Western North Carolina!

This one seems damaged; as though most of it has been washed away by the creek leaving only one leg. Either that, or the Eastern Cherokee built their inuksuit to resemble some other human appendage.

I thought of informing the park authorities, but I didn’t like the idea of a bunch of archaeologists swarming around it, carefully cleaning it up with their little paintbrushes and disassembling it to haul it away to some sterile glass box in a museum somewhere, so I’m going to keep my mouth shut.

Closeup of Inuk-Thingy in Pisgah National Forest

Closeup of Inuk-Thingy in Pisgah National Forest

For more information on inuksuit, Wikipedia has an article and exciting images of the recent Colorawdough findings can be found here.



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5 responses to “Inuk-Thingy Found in Western North Carolina

  1. So grateful for this share!


  2. yerrite. weee-urd. i have a cousin who yoosta live in Asheville, who’d make several structures of balanced rocks — in streams — and take pixures of ’em. possibly…. one still remains?


  3. Ann

    Could be. This was on kind of a big boulder in the middle of a cold creek full of sharp rocks that wouldn’t be conducive to wading and Asheville is only about 35 miles away.

    So, you must have some Inuit or Aleut genes somewhere in the family.


  4. Awesome! It looks so natural.


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