Guess What’s For Dinner Tonight?

French Broad River Trouts

French Broad River Trouts

I wonder if I can get bored with trout? We had trout for dinner last night and Bob just brought home three more. I think he would like to have caught a whole mess of them, but they are so much tastier when you eat them right after they’re caught. I better go look up trout recipes….


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5 responses to “Guess What’s For Dinner Tonight?

  1. better trout than the big-mouth bass in our pond! did Bella help catch those? many … years ago i still remember breakfast in Belle Fourche, SoDak, trout and scrambled eggs!


    • Ann

      Sounds like a camping breakfast – out of the creek and into the frying pan. Yum!

      One really nice thing about big-mouths, though, is that you can filet them! The first trout I ever caught when I was a kid left me swallowing big hunks of bread to get a bone out of my throat so I always pick them apart into tiny bits to be sure the bones are gone. It’s a drag when you love fish and can’t just wolf it down.

      Bella had to stay home – they went in a boat and, judging from how she pinballs around in the car, they were worried that she might capsize the boat. They ended up sinking it anyway by running into a downed tree in a fast current. Way too much like work. Fishing should be a relaxing and meditative activity.


  2. i’ll hafta wade (heh) thru the archives, and find the many photos of the dogs in the canoes with us, sniffing each fish we catch. i’ll betcha Bella would unpinball in the boat, doantcha theenk?


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