Fishing with Bella

Bob and Bella at Wolf Lake

Bella has found another lovely fishing spot. Wolf Creek Reservoir is about 20 miles northeast of us and is reportedly loaded with bass. (We couldn’t verify this as we somehow neglected to load up the fishing gear before leaving home.) The floating dock is kind of fun when the wake from a speedboat hits it.

Wolf Creek Reservoir

Wolf Creek Reservoir

It can get a little hot sitting on the sunny dock, but that’s easily remedied….


Owing to a minor directional miscalculation on the way out of town, we caught a glimpse of Lake Jocassee in Upstate South Carolina:

Lake Jocassee

Lake Jocassee

…and on the way home, we stopped at a fish hatchery to get a picture of some fish since this was supposed to be a fishing trip.

Fish Hatchery

Fish Hatchery


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3 responses to “Fishing with Bella

  1. seemed to be a nice stressless day! (we ain’t had one of THOSE inna while!) hot here! forest fire smog, etc. &, as you prob’ly can guess, our lakes and rivers ain’t nowhere noway as CLEAR as those you’ve pictured here.


    • Ann

      Weekends are for destressing, don’t you know. Your pix of Highline Lake made it look pretty clean. I did wonder about the need for a wetsuit though – must be cold – I think you’re two or three thousand higher than we are.

      I hope those fires stay on the other side of the mountains and that all you get is smoke!


      • yeah, betty said highline was not bad — not cold but heck, at 7:30 a.m… nearest forest fires are 60+ miles away, but one to the SW of us perhaps 100+ miles did blow directly over us. happens frequently. we’re the lowest elev. in W. Colorawdough, at 4600′ (or slightly less). however, we can get up ~ 2k’ in 15 or so miles, and, of course, up to 10,000′ up a windy gravel road (30-some miles from house).


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