Summer is Officially Over

The temperatures at night are dipping below 50°, so it’s a little too cold for the iguanas in their outdoor pens – even with their heaters. Time to come indoors. The move usually freaks them out a bit but, for some reason, they were both pretty calm about it this year. Maybe because we picked a cold, rainy day for the move.

They spend most of their time on the window seat in the dining room where we have south-facing windows with lots of sunshine, but they will occasionally have a stroll to the bathroom and the more rigorous excercise of climbing anything they can get their claws into – Odie more so than Penny who is quite a bit older and less active.

Odie poised for a 2-foot leap to the drapes

Odie poised for a 2-foot leap to the drapes

Penny and Bob enjoy watching a movie

Penny and Bob enjoy watching a movie



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2 responses to “Summer is Officially Over

  1. yeah, like we recently exchanged: i brought Bruce in just LAST NIGHT (i was out of town, arriving late, raining, temp dropping (to upper 30’s this a.m.) — Bruce stuck her head out during the scurry thru’ the rain and i put him (Betty says Bruce is “she”) in a corner of the garage where we have a space heater set up. Bruce would be welcome in the house except for two (major) reasons: uh, defecation, and the propensity to try to burrow under “nice” furniture, scarring/scratching whatever with her hard bony shell. she doesn’t watch teevee. perhaps we should provide the opportunity?


  2. Ann

    30s already? We’re getting high 40s at night and high 70s during the day – a little warmish here for October.

    Don’t turtles kind of hibernate? Bruce might not appreciate it if you set up a TV in her cozy garage abode. It might give him nightmares.

    I swear, the next time we acquire a reptile, I will demand that the name be unisex. After Odysseus laid eggs last spring, we looked up secondary sex characteristics of green iguanas and tentatively agreed that Penny was probably a male. Like a lot of critters, Iguanas stick to one pooping location and they prefer to do it in water, so they have a “litter box” with water in it in a corner of my sewing room off the kitchen.


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