Apocalyptic Sunrise


The sunrise yesterday was an amazing light show. Winter’s sunrises seem more colorful than any other season’s. Maybe it’s the clearer air or maybe it’s only that I have a better view as the solar declination decreases and the trees lose their leaves.

I went stumbling out in the dark in my bathrobe and slippers to take a couple of snaps, forgetting that I’d set the exposure compensation for a backlit shot earlier, and I ended up with a couple of badly underexposed sunrise photos. When I tried to lighten them up, the sky went kind of purple, but the clouds really were that color.


A lot of the trees are bare now; our black walnut seemed to drop them all at once one windy day and there are only a few splashes of color on the ridge to the south. Winter is definitely on the way…





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7 responses to “Apocalyptic Sunrise

  1. Amazing color in that sunrise! I’m going to make a point of looking skyward in the morning.


    • Ann

      Thank you, Kevin! Be sure you have your camera along. I think Mother Nature gets out her paintbox in the winter when she’s not so busy with the flora.


  2. sear ee uss lee: GREAT sunrise apocalysos! y tangos, tambien. you could/should (do you need an AGENT?) sell ’em for screensavers/desktops!
    what is/are the read-leafed thingy?


    • Ann

      Thank you! Do you ever notice that some of the coolest photos are really just accidents? (Hmm…sounds like a post title)

      It’s some kind of tree. I think I looked at online dichotomous tree keys until I was cross-eyed and didn’t come up with the right tree. I mean, it’s not a cottonwood, right? I have to go back and look at the bark and buds and stuff. I remember having a tree key in a biology course that coud ID a tree from just the leaf. I wish I’d saved it.


  3. Stunning photos. Here in Mikkeli where I live cannot take sunrise photos, but sunset yes.


    • Ann

      Thank you, Sartenada! We have it just the opposite – there is a hill with a lot of pine trees to the west of us so we can’t see the sunset.


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