First Snow (in a long time)!

First Snow, 2013

First Snow, 2013

Last winter, it snowed for about five minutes one day and the year before we also had very little. Christmas seems to sneak up and just appear one day when the weather isn’t snowy. This will be gone in a day or two, but at least it lasted long enough for me to take a few pictures. And to remind me that I need to do some Christmas shopping. First on the list is my truck. He could use some new rubber; driving in this stuff is kind of exciting with bald tires.

Several robins seem to have decided not to migrate this year and they all seem rather puzzled by all this white stuff:




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7 responses to “First Snow (in a long time)!

  1. So sweet this photo! I think it’s perfect for composition and colours….
    Thank you for this share!


  2. there’s a town near us that has the unofficial motto: Welcome To Fruita!
    however … i’m still seein’ birds migrating. wish i had a camera a week ago Wednesday when a low-flying flock of sandhill cranes came croakingly overhead — in a pattern which was a vee-within-a-vee (the pixures prob’ly wood-a turndoubt crummy …)


    • Ann

      Aren’t sandhills NOISY? Maybe you’re used to loud bird racket what with those peacocks hanging out in your yard. I think I have a sandhill photo kicking around somewhere – you could sort of borrow it if you like.


  3. Lovely photos – both. We got our first snow a couple days ago. It is snowing at this moment and the snow covers slowly the ice on the lake which is only few steps from our home.


    • Ann

      Thank you! I would wish I still had my skates if I had to look at a frozen lake out my window every day! But a fall that would have given us a tiny bruise when we were kids would have us in the hospital these days, right?


  4. Love looking at photos of snow. As long as it’s nowhere near where I live in North Cyprus, lol! Great pics and thanks for visiting my blog, pleasure to follow your work too, us golden oldies gotta stand together!


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