My “New” Toy

My "New" Toy

My “New” Toy

I retired my beloved old Pentax (film) SLR about ten years ago when I got my first digital point-and-shoot camera. Organizing digital photos is so much easier and not having to have film developed saved a lot of money. But the annoyances of trying to override the P&S cameras’ automatic features has been a pain so I started looking at DSLRs a couple of months ago. That was an eye-opener. New DSLRs aren’t cheap and I’m only a snap-happy amateur, so I started looking at used ones. I found one last week that had a couple of lenses with it, one of which is a 35-80mm – close to my all-time favorite 28-75mm (which I killed sometime around 1997 by getting sand in the zoom ring). The other is a 80-200mm, not a good choice for a pot-a-day coffee drinker, but I think I still have my Slik tripod kicking around somewhere.

So this is going to be kind of fun. It takes a decent picture even though I have no idea yet what all these buttons and menus do. Since I got it though, it’s been raining on and off and I haven’t been able to play with it too much….

A quick snap when the rain stopped for a couple of minutes.

A quick snap when the rain stopped for a couple of minutes.



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7 responses to “My “New” Toy

  1. Thats a good camera you have there…Enjoy!


  2. you were borderlying dangerous before, but now the rest of us should become … very …. afraid.

    (ues’ kidding, mostly!) 🙂


  3. High quality camera. Congratululations!


    • Ann

      Thank you, Sartenada! I am enjoying it a lot. But I keep reaching for the film advance lever – it’s so much like my old SLR that my thumb thinks it needs to crank the film!


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