Looking Glass Falls: Flip-Flop Claim Area

Lonely flip-flops

Lonely flip-flops

In the summer, Looking Glass Falls is where tourists go when they become disoriented and need to experience a traffic jam. In the winter, it’s possible to get a photo of it without having to wait in line. The downside is that there’s little greenery in the winter, so a photo is almost the same in color as black & white.

Looking Glass Falls, Pisgah National Forest

Looking Glass Falls, Pisgah National Forest

Looking Glass Falls: same raw image processed in B&W

Looking Glass Falls: same raw image processed in B&W

You have to climb down about 7,000 steps to get to a spot where you can see the falls without looking down on them. For the climb back up, there are convenient landings with benches to sit on while your huffing and puffing abates and, behind one of these is a pile of one-of-a-kind flip-flops.

But, not to worry. You are only about five minutes from the nearest Wal-Mart.



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5 responses to “Looking Glass Falls: Flip-Flop Claim Area

  1. in my dystopian future, where B ‘n me are whirled dik-tayturz, we will also have some convenient features. i’ve imagined a central ware/clearing-house (in every city) where all the one-of-a-kind {shoes, socks, swimming fins, sandals, gloves, skates, ANYTHING you need two of} ends up. citizens dial-up, or send in their one-of-a-kind whatever (flippers, in this case) and the centralized one-of-a-kind ware/clearing-house matches as-best-can, and sends the pair back. many years ago i lost a nice expensive deep-sea diving flipper. there was a diving shop in my town with a big cardboard box of (u guessed it) one of a kinds of flippers and such. i found a companion flipper … eh, close enough, and have a pair again.


    • Ann

      It would also be a good place for one-footed or one-handed people to shop so they didn’t end up having to buy two shoes (or mittens) when they only need one.


  2. 7000 steps, sound big number. Great photos.


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