My New Favorite Christmas Tree Ornament

Thank you, Pat!


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4 responses to “My New Favorite Christmas Tree Ornament

  1. my sister, who apparently can NOT get enough froggy-stuff, would go for that, big time !


    • i just played this for Betty who said most definitely ask and find out where and from whom to order this to send to my sister. hmmm?


    • Ann

      Back in, like 198something, I was doing COBOL programming and had a stuffed Kermit on my desk. Frogs eat bugs, right? He seemed to do the job pretty well, so I got another frog. Then another one. Pretty soon, people were giving me frogs. I have cute frogs and beautiful frogs and stone frogs and metal frogs and stuffed frogs and frog toys and frog-themed clothing and…well, you get the picture. And I can spot a bug a mile off.


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