A Christmas…Dandelion?

Dandelion in Winter

Dandelion in Winter

Dandelions aren’t part of the customary Christmas imagery, but there this thing was, poking its bright yellow head above the fallen leaves and dead grass. I had to put the flash on to get the picture because I was shivering too much to use available light with a slower shutter speed.

All my best wishes to everyone for a wonderful holiday season!

A more traditional Christmas image

A more traditional Christmas image


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4 responses to “A Christmas…Dandelion?

  1. you’d think this’d be unyooz you-uhl … but we had our last couple roses still hangin’ on earlier december. seems some flowers will start pokin’ out in mid-february … (not THAT busy w/hockey — just lazy and unInspired!)


    • Ann

      I’m usually the same in the winter – it must be two eat-like-a-pig holidays so close together combined with the cold. It’s warmer than it should be, but 35° isn’t go-for-a-stroll weather. This year, my “new” camera keeps dragging me outdoors – even in the rain.


  2. There are awesome colors in Your Christmas tree.


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