My Delayed XMas Present

My Gorgeous New Rig

My Gorgeous New Rig

Is this beautiful or what? It won’t be shipped for another couple of weeks – they build it after you order it. I ordered it with an extra 1TB HD for all these huge raw files from my new camera. Arrrggghh! This is like being six years old a couple of weeks before Christmas. I’m going to be checking the status so often they will think they have a DoS attack from my IP.



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6 responses to “My Delayed XMas Present

  1. perhaps you’re usually preaching to the INITIATED, but speaking (writing, axually) as a charter member of the UN-initiated … WHAT THE HECK IS THAT THING?
    and, congratsch: you might be the first (definitely AMONG the 1st) person i’ve encountered (outside of professional nerds. hmm… have you been a professional NERD all along and i (in my blissfully unawareness) haven’t realized it?) to use the term TB. whoo!
    is that demonik representayshun on the monitor an indication of what you’re in for? (heez awnna wroll …. ‘what are you IN FOR?’ “in for? i’m here ’cause apparently i have to be re-reincarnated, again”)


  2. Ann

    So! The pot calls the kettle black! You, a physics major, a professional engineer – like Dilbert, I might add, is calling a computer programmer a geek?! I mean, only a true, dyed-in-the-wool geek uses nested parens in their WordPress comments!

    I am setting up a PC-based entertainment center using my old PC with a few new components (i.e. a Blu-ray drive) so obviously I will need a new PC for my computing needs. It will have a much longer lifespan if I buy the absolute most hardware I can afford. The box is just big and funny-shaped to make room for the liquid cooling system.


  3. i do try to close the parens, butt sumtimes …
    seriously? liq. cooling system?
    i’ve been falling farther and further and firrthirr behind in things I-T-y as time passes. heck, in the mid-80’s, my group didn’t trust any software we didn’t write ourselves … when “canned” software came out, we were suspicious… and now, i’m basically toadullee @ the mercy of black boxes.
    oh, B T W (by the weigh) betty sent my sister the ‘favorite christmas tree ornament’ — a big hit!


    • Ann

      I’m kind of getting behind too. Good thing Bob is a mechanic – he will probably figure out the cooling system and be able to do a flush-and-fill when it’s needed. I never liked the canned software either and these days, it’s all canned – “programming” is what we called scripting and macros. Judging from the news, we were right about not trusting software we didn’t write ourselves – and that’s still true!


  4. I have never seen anything like this one.


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