The Colors of Winter

When I go for a walk in the winter, it seems the predominant colors are brown and grey.


There is the dark green of pine trees…


…and the privet has its dark purple berries…


…but after the brilliant colors of autumn, winter seems colorless.

Then, as if to make up for this world of monochrome, twice a day at sunrise and sunset, Mother Nature gets out her paintbox and dazzles us with color.





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13 responses to “The Colors of Winter

  1. A great collection of colours ,really.
    Your pics are beautiful!


    • Ann

      Thank you! I am having fun with my new camera, but it seems that I take so many photos and end up with only a few that are OK. It has so many buttons and levers and gizmos to learn about!


  2. nice! just LAST NIGHT at sunset i somewhat lamented that i didn’t have a camera (driving home) and then i thought what you could do with that scene — you’re doin’ just fine with your back yard!


    • Ann

      Thanks! You’ve got to be the only other person in the universe (besides me) who doesn’t carry around a camera phone all the time.


      • ain’t got no good camera phone! me ‘n B are two of the LAST moeheeekinz who don’t yooz da foanz 4 pix. hmmm….


        • and …. just two daze ago B ‘n me went out to, uh, gather nice rectangular-blocky rocks for B’s never-ending yard projects. i mentioned that we should bring a camera and it was like (theodoric of york) “naaaahhh” and so, we are drving up a hill and out of the arroyo we just encountered comes galloping a herd of more than 20 pronghorn! (we had never seen a herd in that area bigger than 6 or so). of course, no camera!


          • Ann

            Pronghorn?! I am so disappointed! We have a cheap point-and-shoot camera that we keep in the glovebox for just that kind of situation. You live in such a gorgeous part of the country – you should be taking a camera along even when you just go out to the 7/11 for some Pepsi!


  3. All too often, the cold and gray helps us forget that there are beautiful winter colors. Thanks for sharing this celebration.


  4. Wonderful photos – all of them. The last photo is very impressive!


  5. Fabulous shots of the sky and clouds. Love your work, thanks for sharing.


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