Windows and Windows and Windows

I missed the WordPress “Window” weekly photo challenge by a week, but this would have been my entry:


The new PC I ordered came last Thursday and, as a result of a number of mistakes, I’ve installed Windows 8 on it once, Windows 7 on it three times and Ubuntu Linux on it twice.

The Windows 8 came as a big surprise since there is no Win 8 disk anywhere in the entire house. I ordered the PC with no operating system, but apparently, when they did the hardware testing, they imaged Windows 8 onto one of the drives and then removed it when they were done. However, the Windows 8 recovery partition was not removed so my first attempt at installing Windows 7 resulted in a recovery of Windows 8. It went downhill from there. Did it occur to me before I continued that it was likely that all the UEFI crap in the BIOS was enabled? No. Did it occur to me to make sure there was nothing on the second drive (like the bootloader for example) before I partitioned and formatted it? No.

I now have a new PC with loads of disk space and with only the two operating systems I want on it. And I have three pages of the notes I made while I was doing all this so I can have a good laugh about it.

And, isn’t he cute?


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2 responses to “Windows and Windows and Windows

  1. you software engineer, you!
    and, ha! a windows esoteric entry, indeed!


    • Ann

      I couldn’t help it. I was up to my elbows in Windoze. And that Win 8 installation was like one of those bad horror movies where they think they’ve finally killed the monster and then it gets back up again. I’d just down-graded Claire’s PC from Win 8 to 7 and then here is the appalling, ugly monster leaping at me out of my own new PC! One of those WTF?! moments.


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