Snow Day

About noon yesterday, we started to get some snow flurries…

Snow collecting on privet leaves

Snow collecting on privet leaves

About four hours later, the road was covered by a couple of inches.


Just past our driveway entrance, the grade gets steeper and the spinning tires of neighbors returning home from work ice the road so that it becomes more or less impassable. So, until the plow comes by, we’ll have a few extra cars in the driveway as neighbors park their cars here and trudge up the hill on foot.


The kids in the neighborhood, unlike their parents, are positively delighted.



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3 responses to “Snow Day

  1. brrr! no school? (yee-ha!). now yer like us, but with more humidity all around. reminds me of my ancient post, bagby hawt spurrings, en da schnow … (without the hot water, of course. wear am i goin’ with this?) –nice close-up of the ‘privet’ leaves !


  2. Ann

    Thank you! The weather is being really odd. We almost got below zero last week (it hit 1°) and now we’re expecting mid- to high-50s Friday and the weekend. Just had a look at your Bagby Hot Springs post – looks cold and wet. Kind of like here…


    • we were (kind of) like lobsters being boiled in an igloo ! twas fun — and that bagby place is 99% of the time you’d either have to “take a number” or get real friendly with whoever …


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