Lizard Requiem

Our older green iguana, Penny, died last night. He (we thought he was a female when we got him, hence the name) had been failing lately and he was quite old – we had him ten years and we were his third home, so we think he was at least twenty years old.

Still, it’s not any easier just because he was old. I was rather attached to him even though I was annoyed when Bob first brought him home. The previous owner had intended to “cut him loose,” certain death for an iguana in a non-tropical climate. So he lived ten years longer than he might have but for Bob’s soft heart…

Penny eschews dandelion flower

Penny and Bob enjoy watching a movie

Penny and Bob enjoy watching a movie

It's That Time Again...

Penny takes a stroll

“Why…do we give our hearts to friends whose lifespans are so much shorter than our own?”

-Arthur C. Clarke, Hammer of God


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4 responses to “Lizard Requiem

  1. Your iguana is lovely, a magnificent creature, good on you both for giving him a good life.


  2. maybe it’s ’cause it’s late. i didn’t know. i thought you had two. do you have another now? ten years, tho’. (this was during our sojourn to the south, just after our “perils of feline arboreal retrieval” but also at about the same time as sleven’s demise. like you said in A C Clarke’s quote…
    but you know? the life-currents will re-(e) merge, and …

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