Bob brought this thing home months ago. “It will be handy for gardening” (our “garden” is a tiny patch on the south side of the house that is big enough for three tomato plants). It’s been sitting behind the house gathering rain, leaves and snow, and every time I go out the back door, it seems to be saying, “take a picture of me!”

So I did.



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6 responses to “Rusty

  1. Crooked Tracks

    It does make a nice photo 🙂


  2. … and You took. Beautiful photo.


  3. our wagon (not near as nice as yours!) is a regular tool in betty’s neverending gardening endeavors. i used the wheelbarrow today, for manure re-distribution…


    • Ann

      I may have to get flats of zinnias or marigolds so I have something to cart around in it. For all the rust, it works quite well.


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