Black Walnuts

Black walnut shells

Black walnut shells

You can see the squirrel gnaw-marks around the edges. These have much harder and thicker shells than regular walnuts, but they must be squirrel ambrosia because only shells are left by spring each year.

The nuts have an outer green husk which turns black and falls away after the nuts drop off the tree in the fall, but the things are ankle-busters, so Bob usually gets out his old 5-iron and golfs them into the woods across the road.

Black walnuts on the tree

Black walnuts on the tree

I have read that you can make a dark brown ink from the husks but I haven’t tried it yet since it seems to involve ruining a soup-pot and stinking up the kitchen.


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4 responses to “Black Walnuts

  1. I like your careful observation of nature! Thanks for sharing this


  2. it probably hazzn’t ockurd to yew, but are you on the verge of (or haz it already happened?) professional fotograffy?


    • Ann

      I’m old enough to have learned that when you turn play into work, it’s not all that much fun any more. Anyway, I kind of think of it as payback to all the folks who share their photos and stories about their countries and travels.


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