Odie on her window seat

Odie on her window seat

Odie seems to be gazing longingly out the window, waiting for warmer weather when she can be outdoors. She’s also gravid – so huge with eggs that she’s only able to eat a few nibbles of collard greens and a grape now and then.


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2 responses to “Waiting…

  1. eggs … will they become more odies? i HAFTA take sum current pix o’ bruce — and we’re having waves of WARM/too cool so she/he can’t stay outside without the possibility of a freeze, still!


    • Ann

      No more Odies! The eggs will be destroyed. There are already too many unwanted iguanas around. Good to hear that Bruce is getting some sunshine! We have to do the same with Odie – put her outside when it warms up and bring her in at night. But she sure loves these warm, sunny afternoons!


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