Spring Blossoms

Yesterday, we drove into Brevard to go to the library and do some shopping. It was less than a week since we were last there but in that short time, the early-flowering trees have bloomed and there are daffodils everywhere.



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6 responses to “Spring Blossoms

  1. What a joy of life Your gorgeous flower photos show!


  2. We got snow last night. 😛 Hehe! I love your beautiful photos of spring. 🙂


  3. hmmm. ’bout as good as Claire’s … (remember, last year we had a big snow ~ April 17!. so we’re not out of whatever woods, yet …


    • Ann

      Yes – all my daffodils had buds and were going to bloom the next day and we had a hard frost that killed almost all of them! We have a forecast for actual snow tonight…


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