We have had a couple of beautiful spring days – sunny and warm – and it’s been a joy to have the windows open. This guy was making such a racket that I had to go out and watch him for a while. He finally flew into the bare black walnut where I could get something of a clear shot at him.

Last night as the sun was setting, the frogs near the river started their chorus and almost drowned out the crickets on the hill behind the house. The privet still has berries on it and serves as a town hall for the birds who add their noisy chirping to the general ruckus.

So different from the city where you only hear cars and trucks, sirens, someone’s loud music, occasional shouting, lawn mowers and the neighbor’s doghouse building project.



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6 responses to “Cardinal

  1. Wonderful words! Really beautiful in every way and the photo accompanies your words so so well! Great post!


    • Ann

      Thank you! Mr. Cardinal reminded me that spring wasn’t just about seeing things sprout and feeling warmer breezes but also about hearing Nature’s symphony.


  2. Crooked Tracks

    What a great time of year 🙂


  3. yeah, your descript would have sufficed sans pix ~ ! wish “it” was that noisy here … spring ain’t fully sprung, yet.


    • Ann

      You’re a lot higher – that seems to make a bigger difference than a few degrees more northern. We’re only at about 2,300, but the flatland only 30 miles south of here doesn’t really even have what you or I would call winter.


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