Swarming Honeybees

I looked out the window a half hour ago and saw this right across the road:

Honeybees Swarming

Honeybees Swarming

Since we usually hang around and talk a while with the bee guy when we buy honey, we could tell that it was a swarm. This is how honeybees create a new colony. When the queen bee landed on a branch, all the worker bees followed and created a huge clump:


This isn’t the whole swarm – most of it was hidden in the tree. It’s huge! Our neighbor knows a local bee guy who is on the way, so I may have more photos later….



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11 responses to “Swarming Honeybees

  1. Wow, what an amazing sight. And how good now that people respect honey bees and treat them with respect instead of trying to kill them off! Keep us posted!


    • Ann

      Will do! The bee guys are here now and this is so fascinating! Anyone who loves honey respects these hard-working little fellows.


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  3. its a little scary that many people do not know what part bees are in the cycle of life! ummm…. honey …. did i mention our local honey(bee) festival a coupla months back?


  4. I am speechless. Awesome photos.


  5. I have a very edifying and fun story about swarming bees. Will write a blog about it one day. Thank you for these images:)


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