Mourning Dove

Mourning Dove

Mourning Dove

Bob took this photo of a mourning dove recently – he filled the bird feeder and then sat patiently on the porch snapping photos of each visitor. Mourning doves are named for their call, but I’ve never thought they sounded sad; the soft cooing sound seems peaceful and calming.



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11 responses to “Mourning Dove

  1. Che bel personaggino!
    Molto tenera….


  2. Jim

    Thanks. One of my very favorite birds. We have many of them around here. They coo to us all day long. Well, I guess they really coo to each other but I sure do enjoy the serenade. That is a great photo!


  3. Crooked Tracks

    We have two of these that have been hanging around the yard this summer, I like watching them, nice photo too.


    • Ann

      I grew up in Minnesota (Minneapolis ‘burbs) and we had a lot of these around. Their cooing always reminds me of those wonderful childhood summer days with no school.


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