A Near Miss with the Lawn Mower

Juvenile Eastern Box Turtle

Juvenile Eastern Box Turtle

This little guy almost got mowed down (literally). Bob spotted his orange markings in the nick of time and stopped the mower. We brought him indoors until the mowing was done and then put him back and took some pictures. He’s still young (as turtles go); only about two inches long.


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6 responses to “A Near Miss with the Lawn Mower

  1. what an adorable little fellow! Thanks for sharing 😀


  2. so glad you didn’t mow him down!! He’s lovely!


    • Ann

      I know! There’s just something about turtles…. I see people rescuing them from the roadway all the time. Even a hostile snapping turtle will be lifted out of the road and gently deposited on the other side.


  3. yeah, we ( B ‘n me) had a diffycult time crossing parts of Missouri, etc. — taking turts out of the road. (B just called to say she saw Bruce on local T V this a.m.?!)


    • Ann

      See? You may miss Bruce, but you’ve given him an opportunity for a new life and he’s already a TV star! I just hope he doesn’t succumb to the lures of Hollywood. I mean, look what happened to Elvis…


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