Zinnias on the Wine List

Butterfly drinking zinnia nectar

Butterfly drinking zinnia nectar

I think he is a silver-spotted skipper; the white spot on his hind wing has a silvery glint when the sun hits it.

We had houseguests last week, which is always fun, but it’s left me in catch-up gear. The rainy weather seems to have passed and it’s sunny and warm so I’ll be able to get out and wander around in the woods a bit with the camera.



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8 responses to “Zinnias on the Wine List

  1. Crooked Tracks

    I like the way the butterfly is posed on the flower, nice capture.


    • Ann

      Thank you! I had one zinnia that had just opened and was perfect, but the *!@#!* butterfly just had to land on that tattered orange one.


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