Smiling Mantis

Smiling Mantis

Smiling Mantis

Although we live in the Bible Belt here, we haven’t seen any mantises praying. This one seems to be smiling.



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4 responses to “Smiling Mantis

  1. One of my favorite insects!

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    • Ann

      I wondered why a gardener would like a bug so I looked them up – I get it now. The Wikipedia article also solved another mystery: that odd-looking thing we found on a stalk of goldenrod is a mantis ootheca! So we will be seeing a litter of little mantises!


  2. we have a few (more ‘n a few?) things in common, nature-wise. fortunately NOT kudzu! though some years we have a half-plethora of mantisses. i recently mentioned how i saved one from feline-mauling. and we have leaf insects. but Betty ‘n i like the M’s — and would be tempted to bring one inside except for the you-know-whats …

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    • Ann

      I’d never seen one before. They’re big enough to be scary, but who could be afraid of a critter with a face like that? I can see that a cat would be drawn to a self-propelled blade of grass, though. We’ve often rescued birds and snakes from the jaws of death, but so far, the mantises seem safe from the felines….

      Kudzu seems to be out of control mostly in the southeast, so you may be safe there on the other side of the Rockies. If you ever want to do the Appalachain Trail though, now would be a good time. If you wait much longer, you will need to pack a machete (or just kick back in your lawn chair and read Bill Bryson’s book).

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