13 October 2014 · 22:35

16 responses to “Overcast

  1. Nice… Very moody…

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  2. It looks so wonferful, I love how you can see the cloud formations and this fog is fantastic! 🙂

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    • Ann

      I took it a couple of years ago with my point-and-shoot camera and sort of re-found it yesterday when I was looking for something else. I remember we’d been driving through thick fog and came out of it suddenly looking at that. Had to stop for a photo.

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  3. looks forboding in the deep dark mountains!! Great shot!!

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  4. Crooked Tracks

    Wow, great capture of the mood of the sky.

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  5. Wow, this is an awesome image, Ann, very brooding and ancient.

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    • Ann

      Thank you, Mo! I thought it got the mood pretty well – there was no other traffic and all around was forest – no sign of humans other than the road itself.


  6. A mysterious clloud starts to conceal the mountain….

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  7. b r r r rr rr r! also nice to think about when snuggled under the covers, perhaps with some sticks burning in the airtight! (stove, that is)

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  8. Very beautiful and artistic photo.


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