A Test

I’ve been meaning to do this test for a few weeks. It’s possible to link an image from a Flickr account into a WordPress blog post. The advantage of posting a photo this way is that a free Flickr account gives a user 1TB of storage, whereas a WordPress blog has only 3GB free storage. So linking photos from somewhere else is going to use up that 3GB a lot more slowly. Also, with a terabyte of storage, I don’t feel compelled to scale each image into oblivion, and I can freely deluge readers with images.

Here are two copies of the same image: the first uploaded to Flickr and linked into this post and the second uploaded into my blog’s WordPress media library and linked from there.


Puff: Link from Flickr


Puff: Uploaded to WP

Getting a caption on the Flickr-linked image required adding some stuff and clicking on the image to enlarge it launches Flickr. I added a target attribute to the anchor tag to make Flickr launch in a new window but I’m still waffling about that. Is it simpler to click your browser back button or close the newly-opened window?

Anyway, I’m looking at the two images and they look different. I squandered 4MB in order to upload the exact same .jpg to both Flickr and WP, but the puffs in the WP image seem lighter and there seems to be more sharpness in the Flickr image.

Maybe I just need new glasses…



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12 responses to “A Test

  1. Ann, I think this is a great option for those who would like to upload large files. It’s nice to know that there are options for uploading images, and by linking over to Flickr, it gives your readers an opportunity to see more of your photos. I’ve discovered some really talented people because they use this method.

    Nice post.

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  2. This is incredible, I can see so many more details on the Flickr picture. Thank you for sharing, this is a good thing to know. Do you think the WP servers are responsible for this difference?

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    • Ann

      I’m not sure. The photo is bigger than the space on the page that WP displays it in so both applications would have to reduce it to fit. Maybe the Flickr algorithm just does a better job. I’m glad you noticed a difference, too – I thought I might be imagining it!

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  3. Don’t know much…well anything in fact, about sharing between accounts but I really like the photo! The others on Flickr are really stunning as well. Love the trees by the lake. Lovely colours. One love 🙂

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    • Ann

      Thank you, Damo! When I first started taking digital photos, I missed the paper photos and putting them in albums, but now there are so many different ways to share them! And the best part is seeing others’ photos of their parts of the world.

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  4. great idea Ann! Beautiful shot!

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  5. The first one has a tiny bit more detail. Which of them looks closer to the real one?

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    • Ann

      It never occurred to me to check that until I read your comment! The first one (Flickr linked) looks closer to the one I uploaded. I’ve been using this trick more since I tried this and the only thing I don’t like much is doing the caption. It’s worth the extra trouble, though because I don’t feel so constrained to use only a couple of photos and I can use a higher rez.

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      • May be WordPress resizes them to 72? I resize all the images I post to 72 – it takes less space, is easier for the reader to open, and doesn’t hurt me 🙂 Flickr quality is good for viewing images though, when I don’t want to miss a detail 🙂

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