Switch, Sylva, NC

Switch, Sylva, NC

This is my entry for this week’s Monochrome Madness at Leanne Cole’s photography blog.

We’ve had a very chilly week, so I found a photo I took last spring instead of going out and snapping a new one. My train-track binge probably has something to do with wanting to hop on a southbound train.



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8 responses to “Switch

  1. The black and white works really well with this image and the leading lines in the composition brings it all together.

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  2. I love trains and train tracks! Good image in mono!!

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  3. Pure nostalgic to me – Your photo. When I was schoolboy, I worked during five summers in one big paper mill and I was involved the locomotive as a switchman and had to change these switches. It was due to arrange / make a bigger train in good order for transport paper rolls to the port.

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    • Ann

      When I was young, my Mom worked for a railroad so we always travelled by train. I remember getting a ride once in a locomotive – it was so loud! I liked watching the yards where they put trains together – hundreds of switches.


  4. i thought i entered a comment, oh, a while back (checkyer spam filter?) — however: “good balance” — &, again, the stark trooth of bl(e)ackenwhite!

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    • Ann

      Thank you! I didn’t find you in my spam or in my waiting moderation queue. Maybe it will show up in a few weeks like a badly-routed letter with all sorts of odd postmarks. Mysterious.


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