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18 responses to “Chestnuts

  1. b r r r r ! do ya cookem and eattum ?

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  2. Stunning photo!
    I adore roasted chestnuts !

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  3. Fabulous picture! In France people make a kind of sweet paste out of chestnuts, children love it and some adults too, more than they should 😉 Fortunately here we love them roasted. Maybe if you dry the hulls a little in the oven they will come off more easily, just an idea. It sounds really tough.

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  4. They look like something from outer space…I think one the husk dries they’re much easier to get to them…

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  5. These chestnuts look like some forest creatures peeking out from their coats. So cute!

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  6. Lovely photo. I have not seen them in live!

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