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Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest, Nantahala National Forest

My eyeballs are starved for that particular color of green you see when the sun is shining through a high forest canopy.



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11 responses to “The Archives

  1. oh … I do so miss the season full of green and warmer weather.

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  2. Adore this photo!
    A big hug!

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  3. We have had enough winter here too, shoveling snow, being cold and this picture looks like heaven! 🙂

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  4. I love the woodland paths!! Beautiful!

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  5. so… (deciduously i should have been thinkin) this pict wasn’t recent … neat/nice/prime-evil? forest !

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    • Ann

      Quite right – it’s from August. The forest people call it “old-growth virgin hardwood,” but “primeval” fits better I think. Some of the yellow poplars there are over 400 years old.


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