Gas Station

Gas Station

Six Mile, South Carolina

Haven’t seen prices like this for a few years!



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15 responses to “Gas Station

  1. This is what we pay per litre!

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  2. We are paying almost US $ 2.- per liter here, which is about 0.26 Gallon. Prices have been higher for a long time here too and it is a relief to pay less these days. Have a great week-end! 🙂

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  3. gas prices are going up in Canada!

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  4. the pict shows nice balance — and it appears winter is missing out your way also. (we shop at a kroger-affiliate and if we spend $$$ for groceries, gas at their outlet is reduced. usu. 3¢ –> 10¢ but a couple times we’ve gotten 90¢/gal off. i filled up my car recently for $1.10/gallon) this won’t last!

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    • Ann

      This photo was taken in South Carolina – it’s only about 35 miles from here, but about 1,500 feet lower. You wouldn’t think that would make such a difference, but sometimes they’re as much as 25 degrees warmer there.

      We have a couple of grocery stores that do that same kind of gas deal as you have, but we don’t shop there much because it adds about 20 miles to the shopping trip.


  5. I buy diesel for my car and the price of diesel fuel here is about 1.47 USD / 1.29 Euros for one liter. Love the photo.


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