I have a lot of old negatives I’d like to preserve, so I finally broke down and got a negative scanner. I never paid much attention to proper negative storage so some of them have faded over the years giving the resulting photos a greenish cast:

White Mountains, NH

Scanner output: White Mountains, NH, 1996

Getting a more realistic color took some editing acrobatics. It would be nice if they aren’t all this bad, but I’m not too hopeful. I forsee that I will be learning a lot about photo editing in the near future.

New Hampshire

Edited: White Mountains, NH, 1996



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13 responses to “Wolverine

  1. It seems as if a touch of magic had covered the photo….
    Love the greenish version!

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  2. Nice editing work. Hopefully some of your other photos don’t need editing

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  3. It would be a pity to lose such amazing shots judging from the one you are showing but it does seem like a huge endeavor too. Have a beautiful day! 🙂

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    • Ann

      Yes, it will be a lot of work – especially the editing. My first step is just scanning the negatives and checking to make sure I didn’t get dust specks or fingerprints on them. That part is going quickly, and once it’s done and they’re backed up, I know that they’re safe.

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  4. good job Ann!! I hope you can preserve these old images!!

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  5. Elle

    I had never seen one of these machines, I need to get one! Great photo.

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  6. Well done. I love the final result.

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    • Ann

      Thank you! It’s going to be a lot of work, but this negative scanner is making it so much easier than scanning prints in my flatbed scanner!


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