Cool Cat


Cooling off

We are having such a heat wave! It hit 90° (Fahrenheit) over the weekend. This fellow is a frequent visitor and found a cool spot for a nap.

His markings are really interesting. From a distance (and with my glasses off) he looks like a Siamese, but up close, you can see his points are not sable-colored, but grey tabby. He also has those blue Siamese eyes. He’s pretty shy, so I could only shoot him through a window screen, but these photos show the tabby markings:

Stray Cat

Tabinese or…

Stray Cat


I think he may be a stray so I’ve been feeding him. Maybe he will become less skittish and let me get a decent photo….



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23 responses to “Cool Cat

  1. Beautiful and interesting cat. Look like he has a bit of a hidden mean side on the second picture ..

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  2. This fellow is a beauty!
    If it can be said , his face represents “felinity”!

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  3. Oh Ann, I had a cat just like him but a her!! a siamese tabby cross! For 20 years she lived with us!! Beautiful Ann!

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  4. better pixures? yours are pretty good already. over the years we’ve inherited some of our herd due to them adopting us. one of my favorites was a kitten abandoned in the field below our house, and my daughter still has her brother — some 13 or so years later. presently not only do we have “our 7” but apparently feed at least a couple others. and just night i chased a raccoon who wasn’t that scared out of our garage ~

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    • Ann

      There are too many homeless cats. I read an article about a municipality somewhere (California, I think) where animal services neutered stray cats that were brought in and then cut them loose – instead of killing them when the shelter got full. Seems like a good idea, and more humane than just euthanizing them.

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  5. You have a kind heart, Anna! Poor critter, rough life 😦

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  6. Lovely post and well captured beautiful photos. Thank you.

    Happy weekend!

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  8. Looks offended! But adorable.

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