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Mama Spider

Black Widow Spider

Black widow spider with egg sac

This black widow had built a web and an egg sac inside a cinder block in our back yard. Bob had to move the cinder block, but he was able to do it without dislodging the spider or her eggs and most of her web survived intact.


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Cool Cat


Cooling off

We are having such a heat wave! It hit 90° (Fahrenheit) over the weekend. This fellow is a frequent visitor and found a cool spot for a nap.

His markings are really interesting. From a distance (and with my glasses off) he looks like a Siamese, but up close, you can see his points are not sable-colored, but grey tabby. He also has those blue Siamese eyes. He’s pretty shy, so I could only shoot him through a window screen, but these photos show the tabby markings:

Stray Cat

Tabinese or…

Stray Cat


I think he may be a stray so I’ve been feeding him. Maybe he will become less skittish and let me get a decent photo….


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Lots of Rainy Weather!

Rainy Day

Rain on the windshield

Well, it looked like a nice day to go for a drive, but that was the only photo I got!


Storm on the Way


Maybe tomorrow…


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Forest Tent Caterpillar

Malacosoma disstria

Malacosoma Disstria


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